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Discover energy savings for industrial companies in Ohio at IEU-Ohio

Membership Benefits:

Membership in IEU-Ohio is open to energy-intensive businesses interested in understanding more about the various components that affect the availability, reliability, and delivered price of electricity and natural gas.  IEU-Ohio also includes a Vendor-Affiliate membership category for competitive suppliers and other businesses engaged in offering related products and services.  More information about the various levels of membership is available below and the IEU-Ohio leadership team is always willing to discuss the benefits of participation in the organization.

Opt-In Member:

In addition to the many benefits of general membership, IEU-Ohio members may elect to participate in opt-in activities where the opt-in participants directly intervene in the regulatory, legal, and legislative processes to positively impact outcomes.  IEU-Ohio has a standing opt-in activity for participation in proceedings of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio and on Ohio energy legislation.  Participation in IEU-Ohio’s standing opt-in activity provides you with:

• Advanced Access to Information:  Stay up to date on emerging issues with regular communications on important matters between IEU-Ohio meetings

• Driving Outcomes: The ability to drive IEU-Ohio position in PUCO cases and on energy legislation

• Settlement Benefits: The ability to participate in any benefits derived from PUCO settlements

•Bill Impact Analysis:  Technical assistance in understanding the impacts on your utility bills.  Not only will opt-in participation allow you to have a seat at the regulatory and legislative tables to effect ultimate outcomes, but opt-in participation will provide you with the technical support to calculate impacts on your utility bills throughout the entire process.As legislative and regulatory proposals evolve throughout their respective processes you will have access to the information and tools to understand how the evolving proposals will drive the ultimate costs that show up on your bills.

IEU-Ohio opt-in membership dues are established by the members participating in the opt-in activity.  If you are interested in joining IEU-Ohio and are considering participation in IEU-Ohio’s opt-in activities, please contact us and we would be happy to provide further detail on the estimated costs and benefits of membership.

General Membership

General membership in IEU-Ohio is available to end-use commercial and industrial customers.  IEU-Ohio general membership will provide you with:

• Weekly Updates- IEU-Ohio distributes a weekly summary of Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) decisions on regulatory cases as well as an energy newsletter with current state and national energy news.

• Monthly Member Meetings- IEU-Ohio holds monthly in-person meetings, and supports remote participation for those unable to make meetings in-person, to keep members apprised of legal and regulatory developments and to provide a forum for discussion among the members.

• Technical, Regulatory, Legislative Access- IEU-Ohio has access to legal, technical, regulatory and governmental relations resources, including access to state and regional power supply information and energy trends.

• Interactive Website- IEU-Ohio’s website provides timely updates and extensive resources and support on issues affecting the price of electric and natural gas service.

IEU-Ohio General Membership dues are tiered based on total utility natural gas and electric expenditures:

Vendor Affiliates:

Participation in IEU-Ohio as a Vendor-Affiliate member is open to competitive suppliers and related businesses offering products and services to end-use customers. Vendor-Affiliate membership is designed to place businesses in the close proximity to the customers that may consume the various energy services offered by Vendor-Affiliate membership.  Current and historic opportunities for Vendor-Affiliate members to meet IEU-Ohio members and learn about their business needs have included golf outings and dinners at Ohio’s preeminent energy conference hosted by the Manufacturers Education Council each February in Columbus Ohio.  Annual dues for IEU-Ohio Vendor-Affiliate membership is $2,500.