Project Manager: Kevin Murray or Sam Randazzo
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Telephone: 614.719-2844 / 614.719-2840


MISO Markets

Participate in markets committees and task forces as necessary to address changes to market rules that potentially impact retail customers.

Participate in the committees to expand demand response options available through MISO’s markets.
Review measures to help ensure no gaps develop in market monitoring and mitigation measures.
Monitor the development of MISO’s RTEPs as well as proposed funding options for RTEPs and respond accordingly.
Assess alternatives to existing and proposed MISO markets structure.
Address these issues through the following MISO committees and working groups:
Advisory Committee – participate on as-needed basis.
Board of Directors – participate as necessary, including Markets Committee.
Markets Committee – participate.
Steering Committee – participate.
Resource Adequacy Subcommittee – participate.
Reliability Subcommittee – monitor.

Stakeholder Coordination

Stakeholder coordination with other sectors as appropriate.
Coordination, as necessary, with other active members in end-use customer sector, municipal/cooperative customers, state consumer advocates and state commissioners.
Coordination, as necessary, with national associations.

CMTC Monthly Meetings

Participate in monthly teleconferences and/or in-person meetings.


Prosecute a complaint against the authorized return on common equity (ROE) for investor-owned utility transmission members of MISO (including sharing in consulting expense), and intervene and actively participate in any appeals to the extent necessary to reduce ROEs.
Participate in FERC proceedings to consider MISO’s proposed resource adequacy rule changes for retail choice portions of its footprint.
Participate in regular FERC proceedings and FERC activity, as warranted, in response to MISO-related filings on other issues, including modifications to market rules and compliance filings that address participation and compensation opportunities for demand response.
Participation in FERC generic rulemaking proceedings, such as those concerning central capacity markets and gas-electric coordination issues that may impact CMTC’s interests in MISO’s regional issues.
Support FERC in the appeal of FERC’s order rejecting a mandatory, centrally-cleared capacity market for MISO.


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