Welcome to the Industrial Energy Users-Ohio website!

IEU-Ohio is excited to share our site with you… Ohio’s commercial, small commercial and industrial energy customers. Here you will find information not available to you on any other site on the web: resources and information for business customers’ unique perspectives on Ohio’s changing energy industries.

Please look around! As a visitor you can explore the Public and the Information areas, both designed to provide you with basic resources and information on Ohio natural gas and Ohio electricity issues. These resources include information to educate business, commercial and industrial customers on choosing competitive energy suppliers and information relevant to Ohio from the national and Midwest perspectives. Several areas are reserved for IEU-Ohio members or Vendor Affiliate members but we would be pleased to send you additional information on IEU-Ohio’s membership.

Our knowledge of energy markets comes from our experience.

The Industrial Energy Users-Ohio is a group of energy-intensive manufacturing and business customers that have experienced changing, volatile energy markets across the country. As contributors to Ohio’s economy, IEU-Ohio wants to use that expertise to assist other business customers to understand and benefit from opportunities in emerging energy markets.

As an organization, IEU-Ohio works proactively to address potential issues and decisions before they become problems. We are active in legislative, regulatory and technical venues so that rules and regulations established in newly emerging competitive markets provide opportunities for all consumers. A primary goal is to help shape Ohio energy policy, and enable effective competitive retail energy markets that can then assist Ohio’s businesses in becoming strong global competitors.

IEU-Ohio is an organization of large Ohio industrial energy consumers that spend collectively over $3 billion per year to obtain electricity and natural gas and employ over 250,000 people in Ohio. IEU-Ohio’s members work together to address matters that affect the availability of utility services and the cost of such services. IEU-Ohio seeks to promote rational and consistent policies that will assure an adequate, reliable and efficient supply of energy for all consumers at competitive prices. IEU-Ohio promotes outcomes that are useful to customers.

Our activities help shape public energy policy.

IEU-Ohio has been active with:

  • Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) rules for electricity and natural gas restructuring; rate increase proposals; electric utility transition plan cases. Our involvement produced outcomes that benefit business energy users across Ohio.
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) actions to create a regional transmission organization (RTO) in the Midwest. Working with a multi-state coalition of customers, consumer advocates and regulators, we advocate the outcomes of a single RTO: an effective wholesale market and a reasonable pricing structure.
  • Activities to facilitate competitive natural gas markets and the development of effective electricity competition.