Industrial Energy Users – Ohio | ieu-ohio

Welcome to the Industrial Energy Users-Ohio

Industrial Energy Users-Ohio (“IEU-Ohio”) is a non-profit trade organization of energy-intensive Ohio industrial and commercial manufacturers working for reliable energy supplies at reasonable prices. By combining the skill sets, knowledge, and experience of our members and staff, IEU-Ohio proactively focuses on state and national issues that affect the price and availability of electricity, natural gas and related energy services, before they become a problem.

With members representing more than $3 billion in annual energy expenditures, IEU-Ohio is known for its proactive role in addressing national, regional and state energy policy. We monitor market conditions, provide technical expertise and develop useful energy management tools for our members, to ensure their success in the energy marketplace. IEU-Ohio plays a vital role in a number of legislative, regulatory and technical forums, by working to promote rational and consistent policies that will assure an adequate, reliable and efficient supply of energy for all customers at competitive prices.