About Us

Discover energy savings for industrial companies in Ohio at IEU-Ohio

IEU-Ohio is a group of energy-intensive manufacturing and business customers that have experienced changing volatile energy markets across the country. As contributors to Ohio’s economy, IEU-Ohio has utilized that expertise to assist other business customers to understand and benefit from opportunities in emerging energy markets.

For over 25 years, IEU-Ohio has successfully assisted in helping its members obtain substantial savings on their industrial and commercial energy supply costs.  As energy-intensive manufacturers, IEU-Ohio members are keenly aware of the impact of energy costs on global and domestic competitiveness.  Membership in IEU-Ohio is open to businesses that desire to learn about changing energy markets and how large energy users can use those changes to their advantage in today’s competitive global marketplace.

Our successes include: the establishment of an IEU-Ohio promoted “tiered” approach and a self-assessor category for the collection mechanisms for energy consumption taxes (kWh taxes), which both minimize tax penalties for large consumers and maintain tax revenue dollars; legislative changes that restore businesses’ ability to choose when and how much to dedicate towards energy efficiency initiatives; the establishment of cost-allocation, rate design, and bill impact caps through the legislative and regulatory process that reduce costs for energy intensive businesses; establishment of regulatory mechanisms that provide value for customers that are able to manage their own peak power consumption.

IEU-Ohio has worked successfully to continue the alternative collection mechanisms for the Universal Service Fund (USF) to address the risk of escalating charges.  We were an active partner in shaping Ohio electricity legislation (Senate Bill 3 and Senate Bill 221), legislation addressing the renewable energy, energy efficiency and peak demand reduction requirements (Senate Bill 310 and House Bill 6), and on other legislation to ensure that the cost burdens of other initiatives did not unreasonably fall on large energy consumers (House Bill 6).  Currently, IEU-Ohio is involved in activities related to these pieces of legislation including participation in the electric utilities’ electric security plan (ESP) and market rate option (MRO) proceedings, rulemakings and tariff filings, rate increase proceedings, energy efficiency mandate issues and other issues that impact the establishment of a dynamic, effective marketplace.

IEU-Ohio promotes outcomes for our members that are useful within the framework of fundamental principles by encouraging optimal use of Ohio’s energy resources.

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